Dream Interperation
Dreaming about airplanes indicates that you are about to travel or start a new plan, and you will soon see long-lost relatives and friends.

Dreaming about flying in an airplane indicates that you will achieve enviable success, improve your status and live a wealthy life, but sometimes you may be a little busy. In addition, such a dream sometimes means that someone in the family is about to give birth or that you will receive messages from afar.

Dreaming of flying with friends indicates that the partnership business will be a great success and you will share the joy of success with your friends.

Dreaming of a plane taking off indicates that you may be entering the risky early stages of a plan.

Dreaming of a plane landing indicates that the plan or important activity has achieved the expected success and the research has finally yielded results.

Dreaming of flying a plane means that you are adventurous by nature and want to pursue a free, independent and passionate lifestyle.

Dreaming of looking down from the small window of an airplane means that love makes you feel depressed. You may have expressed a love interest in someone, but have not received the expected response.

Dreaming of an airplane flying on water like a ship indicates that unexpected happiness will come.

Dreaming of airplanes disappearing into the clouds indicates that work may encounter obstacles and be difficult to accomplish. You may need to seek help or advice from others to complete the work.

Dreaming that the plane you are traveling on is being hijacked may express concern about a real fear of flying. On the other hand, a woman's dream of a plane being hijacked can also express a fear of sexual violence or rape.

Dreaming of a plane crash is usually a sign that daily life is too stressful. Sometimes a plane crash dream can warn the person to be wary of fraud or commercial deception and suffering huge losses. In addition, if a man dreams of a plane crashing and exploding, it can also mean fear of impotence or performance in bed.

If you dream of sitting on a bed or flying on a chair, it means you are struggling between an adventurous life and an easy life. It means that you want a change in your life, but you are somewhat reluctant to leave the comfort zone.