Dream Interperation
Dreaming of receiving flowers means that good things are coming.

Dreaming of your husband sending you flowers means that in the past two days you have been focusing on your work and social life, but have ignored the feeling of inner discomfort. It is recommended that you turn your attention back to yourself.

If a man dreams that his husband is sending flowers, it means that he will have an opportunity to perform in the next two days. Everyone will love your performance.

If a woman dreams of someone sending flowers, it means a new love opportunity will come.

If a pregnant woman dreams of her husband sending flowers, it means that a person she trusts very much may do something behind her back, and a feeling of disappointment and sadness may follow. It's also advisable to go straight home from work or school to avoid any safety problems.

Dreaming of a bouquet of flowers means that good things will happen to you.

Dreaming of azaleas means romantic or financial improvement. If you dream of receiving azaleas from a stranger, it means that a friend will help him make a fortune.

A patient dreaming of azaleas indicates that his health condition is worsening and that he should take care of his health. If possible, a physical examination is recommended just in case.

A businessman dreaming of azaleas indicates that the person may lose money.

A married person dreaming of azaleas indicates that his family relationship will be disharmonious. Dreaming of anemones means that the current partner is not trustworthy or reliable.

Dreaming of yellow flowers (such as dandelion, ranunculus, etc.) indicates that business conditions will improve.

Dreaming of forsythia means that you will enjoy the pleasure and joy of life.

Dreaming of honeysuckle means that you might not be able to bear the situations in your family and lose your patience or balance.

Dreaming of geraniums means that a quarrel incident you had recently does not need to be taken seriously.

Dreaming of bluebells means that your partner will develop his own aggressiveness and courage. To dream of alfalfa means that people with financial problems will contact you.

Dreaming of saffron: If you are a woman, it means that you cannot have a marriage relationship with unknown people around you.

Dreaming of lilies means an unhappy marriage or the end or death of a relationship.

To dream of mistletoe: You should keep in touch with your current partners and maintain friendships.

To dream of poppies is to receive information that will bring great disappointment.

To dream of daffodils is to be careful not to confuse shadows with reality. It also indicates that you are not unfriendly to your friends, if you can take the initiative to apologize, things will get better.

Dreaming of lilac: unbearably passionate and erotic news is imminent.

To dream of peonies: Too much restraint will bring you a lot of depression and trouble.

Dream of Winter Jasmine: You will find happiness in a new friendship.

To dream of roses: Love or a wedding will occur in the coming year.

Dreaming of snow lotus: You should learn to trust others and not hide your own problems.

Dreaming of irises: Good news and hope will come.

Dreaming of violets: You will have a close relationship with someone younger than yourself.