Dream Interperation
--Psychological Meaning--
Dreaming about exams is generally the reappearance of inner anxiety caused by the pressure of exams when you were a student. When such a dream occurs, you often encounter similar situations around you and feel pressure similar to "exams" in work or life. In fact, it often comes the next day, when you have to take risks and show your strength to others. It also appears before big events where you know the consequences, such as interviews, assessments, reports, an important business deal, or even a blind date or love. As a result, this kind of pressure causes your subconscious mind to recall similar deep experiences from your childhood, and to replay them fully and secretly in your dreams. If you dream about not bringing a pencil to an exam or forgetting your ticket, this is a strong manifestation of this kind of anxiety.
But there is another situation, where everything is fine and your life is very relaxed, but you suddenly dream of such a scene and feel very nervous in the dream, as you did when you were a student. This situation is usually "brought back" by your subconscious mind in order to release your past fears.
In addition, dreaming about taking an exam generally indicates that you will be successful in real life.

Dreaming of not doing well in an exam indicates that you will do well.

Dreaming of failing the exam indicates that your ideal will come true.

Dreaming that you are invigilating an exam indicates that you will become famous and successful.

Dreaming of being thrown out of the examination room indicates that you will fail the exam or suffer setbacks.

Students dream of failing the exam will end up getting good marks.