Dream Interperation
Watermelon is a symbol of prosperity. Watermelon appears round and large is a symbol of wealth.

Dreaming of unripe watermelons is an ominous sign and something bad may happen to you.

Dreaming of watermelons growing on vines is also a sign that the person should be careful in choosing friends to avoid trouble in the future.

Eating watermelons is a good sign that you will become rich.

Dreaming of someone taking your watermelon indicates that there will be a lawsuit, and you are likely to lose the battle, which will cause you great losses.

If a patient dreams of eating watermelon, it means that it will take some time to recover with therapy.

Dreaming of picking watermelons means that you will be prone to mood swings on a day when you will have opportunities to be both praised and scolded. Perhaps friends from far away will call you, which will make you feel better.

Dreaming about giving watermelons to others means that misunderstandings can easily occur. So be careful about expressing your opinions or feelings today.

Dreaming of buying watermelons means that your life will be happy. A patient dreaming of buying watermelon indicates that he will recover soon.

Dreaming of others giving you watermelons means that friends will bring you opportunities to make a fortune.

People who are preparing for exams dream of a watermelon splitting, which means that their science or math grades will be unsatisfactory and will affect their overall performance.

A person who is about to get married dreams of a watermelon splitting, which means that the marriage process will have twists and turns, please reconfirm the invitations and caterer etc.

Entrepreneurs dream of splitting watermelons, which means they will make money smoothly, but they should be careful of villains around the winter period.

A pregnant person dreams of a watermelon splitting, which indicates the coming birth of a boy, but a girl if the due date is in May.

If a traveler dreams of splitting a watermelon, it is advisable to postpone the trip during the raining season.

Dreaming of cutting a watermelon indicates that new opportunities will arise today, either found by you or introduced by others. You will get a chance to change jobs or choose a new career.