Dream Interperation
Dreaming of drinking water brings good luck. Dreaming of drinking cold or sweet water means that you will travel and make a lot of money.

Dreaming of drinking hot water indicates that you will fall ill.

Tourists dream of drinking water and will encounter many difficulties during travel.

If a businessman dreams of drinking water, his business might grow very slow.

Pregnant women dream of drinking water, indicating that the pregnancy period may be difficult, please plan and prepare the delivery process in advance.

If you dream of drinking sea water, it means that your long-awaited wish will come true.

If you dream of deep water that looks very clear and calm, it means that your current situation at work or home is relatively calm and comfortable. You will achieve goals with minimal effort.

If you dream of very deep water, but it is murky and you cannot see the bottom, it means that your work and life are in chaos and many things keep you busy, but they are unavoidable. Try to deal with things one by one, your future looks bright. You will gain economic stability.

A dream of looking at calm water from above indicates that you will maintain good relationships with the people around you.

Dreaming of walking freely on the water means that your wish is about to come true.

Dreaming of ripples on the water indicates the beginning of a new love. The other person is likely to be a stranger.

If your dream is about meeting someone while swimming, there will be an unexpected embarrassing incident.

Dreaming of drowning is a sign of health problems. The possibility of a disease relapse is very high.

If you dream of swimming downstream, everything will go according to plan. You can start communicating with the person you like, the likelihood of positive feedback is very high.

Dreaming of swimming against the current indicates that the relationship between friends will deteriorate. Classmates with whom you don't usually get along may have insidious plans for you, so be careful not to fall into their trap.

Dreaming of diving into the depths of a river signifies a red light signal for your health. There are unexpected illnesses such as appendicitis, nephritis and other sudden onset possibilities.

Dreaming of crossing a shallow river barefoot means that you could become an incomparably patient person.

Dreaming of being showered by a waterfall indicates that you will have good luck. If you own a grocery store or other business at home, your sales will increase and you’re your business profit will rise.

Dreaming of camping on the riverbed means that you are about to enjoy a good time with friends.

Dreaming of water running out of your shower indicates that you have been under a lot of pressure in your life lately and need to let go and relax.

Dreaming of water in your ears: you will get help from others when you need it.

If you dream of falling into a pit, there are two possibilities. One is that you will make many friends and get help from your friends. The other possibility is that you will meet insidious or hostile people at work or school, so be careful.

Dreaming of water on the floor of the house is a good sign, meaning that difficulties will pass and good times will come soon.

To dream of a flood means that the person will make a fortune, which is a sign of prosperity.

To dream of a house being destroyed by a flood is a sign of good luck. This year the person will double his savings.

To dream of family members being swept away by a flood is a harbinger of happy events at home.

To dream of being swept away by a great flood means that the person should be careful about his health or about sudden changes in events.

To dream of a child being swept away means that the person may still suffer some financial losses.

Seeing a pregnant woman in a flood scene in a dream will bring double luck and many good things to come.

Dreaming of overflowing water going into the sea means that all bad things will pass for the person and good fortune will come.