Dream Interperation

Dreaming about a funeral usually symbolises the end of something.

Dreaming about someone else's funeral can also mean that you will lose money.

Dreaming about mourning the deceased can also mean that you will have a child, or that someone close to you will have a child.

Dreaming of receiving news of someone's funeral indicates that you may receive news of someone's marriage or the birth of a child.

Dreaming about your own funeral indicates that you are about to start a new life.

If you dream of attending the funeral of a living person, it symbolises the end of a certain relationship, or you hope to end a certain relationship.

Dreaming of cremation means that you will have good luck, which is exciting.

Dreaming of a hearse or being overtaken by a hearse indicates that you will have financial luck, economic prosperity, reduced expenses and an increase in income.

Dreaming of a burning corpse indicates good luck, fruitful work and improved academic performance.

Dreaming that someone is giving a eulogy, or that you are giving a eulogy, indicates that you may be embarrassed because you are not sincere in your dealings with others.

If you dream that someone else is giving you a eulogy, it indicates that you will have unexpected gains or an improvement in your status.

If you hear a funeral eulogy in your dream, it indicates that a happy event will take place. There may be friends or relatives getting married or celebrating.

Dreaming of being buried indicates that you will lose your wealth.

Dreaming of attending the funeral of a relative means that everything will go according to plan. Lost things will reappear; or you will make peace with your enemies, etc. Good things will happen one after another.

Hearing weeping at a funeral in a dream means good news.

If you dream of attending a funeral to pay homage to the deceased, it means that you will be pregnant or one of your close relatives will have a baby.