Dream Interperation
Dreaming of walking or running means that you are close to achieving your goal.

Dreaming of walking slowly means that you are confident and ambitious.

Dreaming of running fast means that you are very nervous.

If you dream that you are not making any progress no matter how hard you run, it means that you are not prepared enough.

Dreaming of running on a wide and light road means good health.

Dreaming of running on a dark and narrow path is a sign that your health will deteriorate.

Dreaming of walking on water means that love will be successful and bring good results.

Dreaming of walking on the sea is a sign that you will achieve fame and fortune in a large organisation or group and surprise the people around you.

Those who dreams walk on dangerous roads will have good luck.

Dreaming of walking on the railings of a bridge means that gifts will come to you. You will get all the cassette players, records you like to listen to, etc., and your life will be very happy.

To dream of walking on a viaduct (land bridge) means that there is a high probability of a traffic accident. Be especially careful if you cross a road without a zebra crossing and get hit by a car, etc.

Dreaming of walking on the iron bridge indicates that you will have a good rest. Plan your leisure activities on a trip so that you have clear skies and good health.