Dream Interperation
Dreaming that your lover's body is covered with blood means that there may be a crisis around you, so be careful.

If you dream that your lover seems to be going to the battlefield and you hug him in pain, it means that you are going to break up with your lover.

If you dream that you are hugging your lover and looking at each other's faces, but you feel very scared or panicked, it means that your lover is gradually becoming estranged from you.

If you dream about your lover cheating on you, finding a new love, or flirting with someone else, you may feel very sad in the dream, but don't worry too much. This usually means that you will have to face changes in your work or career. You may have to start a new business, expand your career, or change positions.

Dreaming of having sex with your lover can indicate that there will be misunderstandings and disagreements between you, leading to tension or estrangement. However, if you are married or have a steady lover, but dream of having sex with someone else, it can be interpreted that you may be deceiving your partner about something.

Dreaming of your lover falling into the river and asking for help indicates that you may be in trouble or encountering a conspiracy, so be careful.

Dreaming of a cold war between you and your lover indicates that the other person's health is deteriorating and he or she may become ill.

Dreaming that the other person moves away from you means that although there are many opportunities for good development between you, you may miss the opportunity and let it pass.

Dreaming that your partner talks to you but you don't answer means that the couple is very unhappy with your indifference because there is little communication between the couple.

Dreaming that your lover is being taken away by another woman without looking at you means that troublesome matters will soon be solved or results will be achieved with the help of other people.