Dream Interperation
In a dream, the trunk of tree means health, and the branches symbolize a part of the body. Therefore, trees that are always in bloom, with luxuriant branches and leaves, symbolize the person is appearing younger of his time. On the contrary, dead leaves on trees symbolize the weakness and fatigue state of a person.

If you dream of planting trees, things will go smoothly for you and your family recently, and someone will give you gifts.

Dreaming of luxuriant trees is a sign of good fortune. If it is a green and healthy looking tree, it means that you will meet a good friend unexpectedly.

Dreaming of a tree with new leaves means that your hopes will soon come true.

Dreaming of trees that were once flourishing, suddenly showing dead leaves shows that there will be big changes in the family, and the originally prosperous family will face challenges.

Dreaming of dead trees can also remind you to pay attention to your health. Illness may befall you. You should pay attention to your usual ailments and treat them in time.

Dreaming of a dead tree sprouting new buds means that the current bad situation will disappear.

Dreaming of a big forest means a happy life. Enjoy life!

Dreaming of climbing a tree symbolizes that you will have the opportunity to be promoted quickly. Cutting down or uprooting a tree in a dream indicates that you will waste and trample on your energy and wealth.

Dreaming about cutting down a huge tree is a sign that you will lose money. You should be careful with your investments and analyze the risks.

Dreaming of newly cut green trees sprouting new buds indicates that unexpected happiness will appear at the time you need it most.

A man dreaming of buying a tree indicates that if he goes to the country, good things will likely happen.

Dreaming of buying a tree implies you will find a way to inspire others to help you achieving your goals.

Students dreaming of buying trees indicate that their studies or further studies will progress slowly, with great pressure and setbacks. Some unknown reason might interfere with their study and grades.

Dreaming of tree roots means that the person possesses solid abilities to perform their jobs; dreaming of tree trunks means that the person has the ability to control the environment.

Dreaming of tree branches means that the person has a gentle and kind character.

Dreaming of enjoying the shade of a big tree means that the person will be helped by a generous people, and the generous people are powerful enough to help you achieve your wishes.

Dreaming of sitting on a tree trunk and not being able to get up is a sign that the business is in a sign of ruins and reminds the person that he should improve his management tactics.

Dreaming of climbing a tree means that the person is making plans and using capital to achieve a certain goal.

To dream of climbing a tall tree means that the person will become famous and economically stable.

Dreaming of green and healthy trees means that the person will be in good health and may meet a good friend by surprise.

Dreaming of dead trees means that the person may encounter an untimely misfortune.

Dreaming of large trees that are green and full of leaves means that his business will be prosperous.

To dream of weeping willows overhanging the water's edge means that the person will encounter romantic quarrels; to dream of willow branches swaying in the wind means that the person will have unsatisfactory things happen to him that he may be the talk of the town. Be careful not to get involved in triangular or quadrilateral relationships.

Dreaming of walking in a courtyard along trees indicates that the person will have good friends.

Dreaming of trees breaking through means work is not going well and that they should pay more attention to it.

Dreaming of bamboo shoots coming out of the ground means that the person might get in trouble recently.

To dream of a large forest means that the person will lead a happy and prosperous life.

Dreaming of a large forest with lush greenery means that the person will have good lucks, a prosperous career, everything will go smoothly, and he will achieve his goals.

Dreaming of wandering in the forest reminds the person that there are people around him who need care.

Dreaming of planting trees is a precursor to receiving gifts.

Dreaming of planting a tree indicates that his career will be prosperous. He will be very happy and lead a happy family.