Dream Interperation
Flying in dreams is usually directly related to sexual desire. In a broader sense, flying represents no obstacles, meaning that the dreamer can be freed from self-imposed limitations.

To dream of flying means that the dreamer will be promoted or make profits in business;

Dreaming of flying into the sky indicates the dreamer's strong desire for freedom and the hope of shaping his life according to his own spiritual aspirations;

To dream of flying down from the sky means that the dreamer is turning to an objective and rational life, returning from hope to reality;

To dream that one has suddenly fallen while flying means that the failure of one's work will have a fatal effect on the person.

A woman dreaming of flying with a stranger means that she may leave her husband and be with someone else.

If you are in the growing ages, dreaming of flying reflects the physiological phenomenon of growing taller. For adults, dreaming of flying in the sky usually symbolises freedom and success, and is a sign of self-confidence.

If you dream that you are in a happy mood while flying, it should mean that you have recently gained a lot in life. If you dream that you are in a nervous or melancholy mood, it should be an unconscious escape from reality.

To dream of flying high in the sky foretells misfortune in your married life.

To dream of flying at a low altitude, almost close to the ground, foretells illness and upset, but you will soon be back to normal.

To dream of flying over muddy water warns you to be careful in your private affairs, for your opponents are watching you closely, waiting for an opportunity to confuse you.

Flying over a dilapidated place in a dream means bad luck and a depressing environment. If you notice the green trees and plants below while flying, you will experience a short period of hardship, but then you will rise to the top.

Seeing the sun while flying in a dream means that your worries are pointless because you are afraid of failure, but you will eventually succeed.To dream of flying in space, flying over the moon and other planets, foretells in dreamer’s heart big disasters such as famine, war and all kinds of trouble might be in the way.

Dreaming of flying with black wings foretells disappointment and pain.

If you fall while flying, it indicates your destruction; if you dream of falling and wake up, you will successfully get your life back on track.

If a young man dreams of flapping his white wings and flying over green vegetation, it is a sign of progress in business and success in love. If he dreams this often, he will always be prosperous and get what he wants. If the trees below look bare or dead, it means that he will have to overcome and remove the obstacles he encounters in order to fulfil his wish, but his efforts will yield little result.

A woman dreams of flying from one city to another, stopping only to sit on a church steeple along the way, indicating that she has many obstacles to overcome, but she has taken the wrong approach.

A young woman dreaming of being shot while flying indicates that her opponents are trying to prevent her from developing into a higher, more valuable and more prosperous realm.