Dream Interperation
Dreaming of apples is an auspicious sign of success and longevity.

If a woman dreams of the big Apple, her love is not perfect and there may be friction due to a small misunderstanding. There is a possibility of pregnancy .

A man's dream of the big Apple indicates that his health is somewhat sluggish and he needs to take more rest to restore his normal life.

A pregnant woman's dream of the Big Apple indicates that she has a strong desire to start her own business at work, but she needs to do her job well, which will help her future entrepreneurship.

Dreaming of many ripe apples piled in a basket or on a table means that you will have partial financial luck and receive unexpected wealth, such as winning a lottery prize.

Dreaming of eating red apples means that your wishes may come true.

Dreaming of picking apples means a good harvest in life; you will be promoted or your business will run smoothly and profitably.

Dreaming about buying apples means that noble people will help you, your career will develop upward, you will achieve your goals easily and quickly, and you will achieve great success and longevity.

Dreaming about apples with worms means that you have a solid foundation in your work, a secure social status, loyal support from subordinates, and promotion from a important person or superiors.

Dreaming of green raw apples or rotten apples reminds you to be careful of financial loss, illness or trouble at home.

Dreaming of peeling apples indicates that your mood may fluctuate easily, which may lead to family discord or mistakes at work. It is recommended to maintain a balanced mentality and reduce conflicts.

Dreaming of eating apples indicates that the period of danger has passed.