Dream Interperation
Dreaming about a car often symbolizes wealth and charm.

Dreaming of a moving car, its speed and its driving status in the dream can reflect the progress of important things in life. The person driving the car in the dream also symbolizes the person who controls the situation in your life or work.

Men dream of driving a car, which expresses a strong sense of driving and often indicates that you have sex appeal to others. But if you dream of your wife or girlfriend driving, it indicates that you may be separated from her.

If a woman dreams of driving, it indicates her unconscious desire to become a strong woman. If driving is easy and the trip goes smoothly in the dream, it means that you are in good shape and everything is going well.

If you dream of losing control of a car, it means that you are worried about not being in control in life, or that you are worried about your sexual life.

If you dream that your car's lights or windshield wipers are in bad condition, it means that you are actually a little confused about the direction you are going.

Dreaming that your car has broken down and needs to be repaired indicates that you have recently lost money or have extra expenses.

Dreaming that you are running out of gas indicates that you lack the enthusiasm to accomplish a certain goal.

Dreaming of your car breaking down indicates that you are physically and mentally exhausted and unable to do your job.

Dreaming of a car breaking down also means that you may have trouble, loss or embarrassment caused by your reckless, gullible or emotional behavior.

If you dream of getting into a car and realizing that you have no idea how to drive it, it means that you will challenge some unknown areas or do things that you have never done before.

If you dream of riding in someone else's car, it means that you will be influenced by others, or that you will be tempted or restrained in a sexual encounter.

A businessman's dream of owning a car indicates that his business will be prosperous and his wealth will be abundant.

If a farmer dreams of a car, it indicates a good harvest.

A patient dreaming of a car indicates that he may have to go to a faraway hospital for treatment.

A married man dreaming of a car can also mean that he will have a baby.

If the wife dreams of a car, she may have to return to her parents' house recently.

Dreaming of buying a car indicates that you may have some pressure or sorrow in your life.

Dreaming of giving a car to someone indicates that you will make important new friends.

For a man, dreaming of a car without wheels indicates that he will have great luck, unexpected career growth, and a steady rise to success.

Dreaming of a car that cannot be driven warns you to be careful of being deceived or tricked and to be more vigilant lately.

Dreaming of racing with others indicates that you are full of energy and competitiveness. You should seize the opportunity when it comes.

Dreaming of slamming on the brakes while driving means that you hope to be able to control a situation.

Dreaming of brakes failing or making a sharp noise indicates that a potential danger may arise and you should be more vigilant.

Dreaming of being overtaken while driving means that you feel humiliated or frustrated.

Dreaming of being involved in a traffic accident while driving means that you are afraid of losing a certain opportunity or are worried about certain things. On the other hand, if you dream of a traffic accident and people are panicking, but you are very calm and in control of the situation, such a dream means that you are eager to take on responsibility or that you feel that your leadership skills have not been properly recognized.

Dreaming that you have overturned your car means that you need to change your mind as soon as possible, undo some wrong decisions or change your strategy.

Dreaming of buying and selling cars indicates that you will soon have the opportunity to make a fortune, so you should carefully seize the opportunities around you.

Dreaming about losing your car indicates that you may have had difficulties recently and will need to find new ways to prioritize your life's focus.