Dream Interperation
--Psychological Meaning--
Cats serve as potent yet widespread symbols in dreams, acting as a link to the dreamer's feminine nature. They carry significant omens associated with creativity, power, intuition, and sexuality. In ancient Egyptian culture, cats were even connected with deities. Modern superstitions, such as the belief that crossing paths with a black cat brings danger, may manifest in dreams, often symbolizing the dreamer's own shadow archetype. When a cat attacks in a dream, it might indicate a catty nature or an unconscious emotional assault tied to the dreamer's feminine side. Dreaming of a kitten, on the other hand, suggests notions of purity and innocence. Lions and tigers, as symbols, represent powerful aspects of both the unconscious feminine and masculine traits.

If the cat and the mouse appear very close in the dream, it may mean that the person has finished a job that does not meet his expectations and may return to him or have a bad effect on him.

If you meet an emaciated and dirty cat in your dream, bad news will come from afar concerning your friend's health. However, if you chase the cat away, your friend's long-term illness may eventually be cured.

If you dream of a cat meowing, it may mean that your friend is trying to trick you with words.

If you dream of a cat scratching you, it means that the profit you have been trying to make for many days may be snatched away by your enemies.

If a young woman dreams of holding a cat or a kitten, she will be involved in the treachery of others and will be in a vulnerable situation.

To dream of a clean white cat indicates that a seemingly harmless incident in life may cause damage to your property and make you feel sad.

If a businessman dreams of a cat, he should concentrate on his work because his competitors are after the contract or business he is in. Some loss of business may be due to competition. It is recommended that he make extra efforts or take precautions to secure a business deal.

Dreaming of raising a cat indicates that one will gain financially.

If a patient dreams of raising a cat, it indicates that he will recover and get rid of the disease.

If a woman dreams of raising a cat, it reminds her that unexpected things may come.

If a woman dreams of a cat meowing, there is a possibility of a third person in her love life. If in doubt, observe and communicate with your partner to clarify the situation.

If a woman dreams of a cat and develops an instant love for the cat, it means that a happy romantic story will happen. If a man dreams of a cat, it means he may be disappointed in love.

Dreaming of a cat climbing a tree means that someone will cause trouble, which may involve you in criticism or resentment.

Dreaming of a cat crawling on your knees means that you have a very good relationship with your lover, or that your lover, who has been aloof from you, will suddenly change his attitude and become more approachable and affectionate.

If you dream of a cat basking in the sun, it means that your life will be peaceful and comfortable.

Dreaming of kittens playing together indicates that your love is not progressing as expected. Although you and your lover seem to be getting closer, the actual progress is very slow, which makes you a little anxious.

Dreaming of a cat fighting a parrot means that you can defeat your rivals and win the final victory.

Dreaming of a big cat walking with a kitten indicates that you are making good progress in interacting with people, have many friends, and have happy get-togethers.

Dreaming of a cat catching a mouse reminds you to be extra careful about being stolen or robbed.

Dreaming of a cat in the corner means that there may be hidden enemies in your work and life who want to steal your business or family life.

Dreaming of an abandoned cat meowing by the side of the road indicates that you may lose money or that your source of income may be reduced.

Dreaming of someone harming a cat indicates that you will see through the cheaters and avoid being deceived. If you harm a cat in the dream for no reason, you may quarrel or misunderstand with your neighbors. You should be careful in your communication with your neighbors and maintain good neighborly relations.

Dreaming of a clean cat usually means good luck. Dreaming of a dirty cat means that it will bring bad luck. You should pay more attention to your diet and health and avoid unhygienic habits.