Dream Interperation
Books can refer to wisdom or valuable knowledge. Book can also refer to theory or superficial knowledge Reading in a dream represents success.

If a man dreams of reading, he will be successful in love and win love.

If one dream his wife is reading in dreams, good news would soon come.

If a woman dreams of studying, she will get more love from her husband.

Students dream of studying and will get excellent results in examinations.

If a girl dreams of reading a book, it means that she will soon marry a knowledgeable and educated man.

If a married man dreams of reading, he will be blessed with a son who will become a famous scholar in the future.

If a married woman dreams of reading, she will give birth to a virtuous and talented daughter.

A businessman who dreams of reading a book will get out of trouble.

Dreaming that your enemy is studying is a bad omen, and your enemy will become famous.

If you dream that your wife is studying, there will be good news soon.

If you dream of reading a welcome message, you will become famous.

If you dream of reading your speech to the audience, all your efforts will be in vain.

To dream of reading words written on the ground is an ominous sign, and someone will conspire against you.

Dreaming of reading articles carved on stones indicates that you will have superhuman intelligence and become famous far and wide.

Dreaming of reading a good book will make you famous throughout the world.

Dreaming of reading bad books will ruin your reputation.

Dreaming of reading and writing is always an indication of good luck.

If dreams of other children studied, it means you will be lucky to have a son.