Dream Interperation
Grapes in dreams symbolize wisdom and are also associated with meanings such as sacrifice and pleasure. From a psychoanalytic point of view, dreaming of grapes is also a typical manifestation of sexual pleasure, and the desire for sex.

If a man dreams of vines, it means a successful career; if a woman dreams of vines, it means having children.

Pregnant women dream of purple vines and will give birth to healthy babies. But dreaming of green grapes means that you will probably feel uncomfortable during pregnancy or childbirth, so you should pay more attention to it.

If a businessman dreams of planting vines, it means that there will be big business and good fortune opportunities recently.

Dreaming of others planting vines indicates that you may encounter difficulties, so you should be prepared.

Dreaming of abandoned vines indicates that you may encounter a series of misfortunes, so be careful.

Dreaming about buying grapes can mean both good and bad. For some people, buying grapes means unexpected events is coming that can keep you busy. For some people, dreaming of buying grapes means that your relationship with your boss has made good progress in the past two days.

For <students, buying grapes means their academic performance will improve.

Dreaming of a vineyard means success in work and love. In people's subconscious, dreaming about a vineyard may mean that the person wants to add some exciting elements to his regular daily life. Dreaming of a vineyard that smells bad because of neglect indicates that your life will be filled with disappointments.