Dream Interperation
For farmers, dreaming of demons means that crops will grow as expected, livestock may die and family members may fall ill. People who like to gamble should be careful. This dream warns you to handle your own affairs carefully, or you may violate the dignity of the laws of the land.

If the devil in your dream is tall, well-dressed, with glittering jewellery on his body and hands, and tries to persuade you to go to his residence, this is a warning that immoral people will use the best rhetoric to lure you to destruction. . After a young and pure woman has had this dream, she should seek support from friends and avoid accepting attention from strangers, especially married men. A woman of low moral character is likely to be robbed of jewellery and money by seeming strangers.

Even in dreams it is best not to be associated with the devil, as he is always a harbinger of despair.

If you dream of being pursued by demons, you will fall into a trap set by enemies disguised as friends.

If a person in love dreams of the devil, it means that a slutty woman will destroy his loyalty.