Dream Interperation
Hair is the thread of trouble and cannot be wound smoothly, so dreaming of a haircut means cleaning up and getting rid of trouble, which is a good sign. Dreaming of a haircut indicates that something unfortunate will happen to someone in the family.

Dreaming of cutting your hair with scissors means that you will be separated from your loved ones and that misfortune and disaster will befall your relatives at home; it may also mean that you want to get rid of troubles and cut off love ties. But if you dream of giving the cut hair to others, it means that you will give it to others. It means that you will bring in love and happiness.

If you dream of cutting off your own hair, it means that you will quarrel with your good friends or relatives, and the responsibility lies with you.

If you dream that the person cutting your hair is the other person, then the reason for the quarrel lies with the other person.

If you dream of a stranger cutting your hair, it means that you are going to quarrel with the stranger, but you find that your hair is still there, which means that you have not suffered any loss and it is okay to quarrel and you will be fine.

Dreaming of getting your hair cut is generally a sign of getting rich.

If you dream of having your hair cut during the day, you can make a fortune; if you dream of having your hair cut at night, it will be bad news.

A woman dreams of cutting her hair is a good sign that can mean avoiding a gynaecological infection.

Dreaming of someone else cutting your hair is a good sign and you will be promoted. But dreaming of others cutting your hair means poverty and serious illness.

A businessman dreaming of having his hair cut indicates that his business will prosper and his profits will be great.

If an employee dreams of having his hair cut, it indicates that work will go smoothly and a pay rise is expected.

A patient dreaming of having his hair cut during the day indicates that the body will recover.

If a patient dreams of having his hair cut at night, it means that something bad will happen to the dreamer.

If a hairdresser dreams of cutting someone else's hair, it means that he will be promoted or that his income will increase.