Dream Interperation
A man dreaming of wearing new shoes means good luck.

If a married woman dreams of wearing new shoes, the couple will fall in love.

If an unmarried woman dreams of wearing new shoes, she will marry a generous, wise and capable man.

If an unmarried man dreams of wearing new shoes, he will soon be loved by his beloved.

Dreaming of buying shoes indicates that you will soon travel. A businessman dreams of buying shoes and his business will prosper.

A shoemaker dreaming of repairing shoes will influence his future.

Dreaming of wearing old shoes indicates that bad days are coming.

Dreaming of losing one's shoes indicates that disaster is coming.

Dreaming of stealing other people's shoes means that your friends will become your enemies.

Dreaming of hitting someone with shoes indicates that your position will be promoted.

Dreaming about giving shoes to others indicates that you will be invited to a wedding.