Dream Interperation
Dreaming of ghosts indicates that you may face unexpected difficulties.

Dreaming of a ghost wearing a white robe indicates that your best friend's health may be threatened, or that a certain business speculation may be opposed by others.

To dream of a ghost wearing a black robe indicates that someone may betray you and be disloyal to you.

To dream of ghosts talking to you indicates that evil is lurking around you, and if you follow wise advice you will probably be protected from its harm.

To hear a ghost knocking on a door or wall in a dream is a sign that trouble will come unexpectedly.

To dream of ghosts lifting the curtains or going behind the curtains warns you to control your emotions and not to act hastily; you are likely to quarrel with others after this dream.

Dreaming of a friend's ghost floating in your room foretells disappointment and insecurity.

Hearing music, which may be played by ghosts in a dream, foretells unfavourable changes and sadness in the family.